Eliza Gallagher is a girl who could never seem to fit or belong, apparent by her lifelike dreams of a strange yet familiar land. Despite her loving father and attentive best friend MJ she could never quench the feeling that something was wrong, that she wasn't supposed to live the life she's been borne to. Then, leading up to a terrible accident, her long dead Uncle reappears in her life, in a mysterious form that follows her at every turn. 
With madmen and crazed beasts on their tail Eliza is ripped into her not so dream, dream world and confronted by not only the truth of her past, but a achingly familiar pair of dark eyes that have haunted her thoughts both awake and asleep. 

Filled with demons, mysterious mythological creatures and more, Astèri Calling follows Eliza through the onset of a war long foretold and choice of where and with who she truly belongs.