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Crowdfunding, marketing and the human mind.

So, for those of you who aren't checking my Facebook and other social media sources you don't know that I started a kickstarter fund.  

I've learned several lessons thus far.

1. It is, ninety percent, how you look.  

2. If it's not how you look its who you know. 

I'm not saying that as humns we don't try and look past the visual and see the content (or person) by itself, but as I looked and watched other kickstarter projects I found myself guilty of just that, along with every other member of the human race. 

Somehow I thought I was better than that, but I came to realize that I'm just like everyone else, and just like everyone else I needed to reevaluate why I was doing things. Did I do them because they looked good or because they were good?

How many times have I skimmed something because the cover or casing was too boring?  

How many times have I looked past someone who was less than boho chic or hipster take two ? 

Now, I'm not saying that caring about appearances is nessesarily a bad thing, but when did it become more important than genuineness and being real? 

So joining kickstarter and launching a campaign was both a learning and eye opening experience. I have enjoyed the challenge although I feel it's my fulltime job, which makes it a good thing that I'm on break for another week.  

How is my kickstarter doing?

Better than many but not as well as I'd hoped. Then again, I knew that my idea was unrealistic at best and fantastical at worst.   Despite that, I still think with more backers and a little luck we can make it past the mark. I'm so thankful to those that have already supported and donated to getting Astéri Calling on shelves and tablets everywhere. 

The editing process continues and I find that I am enjoying cutting away the "fat"  of my novel. Oh, and be looking forward to new and interesting art, a girl from Spain just started my commission and I'm looking forward to seeing what she has for me. 

The loneliness continues, but I've found that grace and acceptance has slowly sunk in. Not that I wouldn't like more people arounr, but I find myself content. It doesn't mean it's always that way, or that I still don't struggle with being alone as much as I am, but my life, Thank The Lord, Is good. It'll get better, but I just have to give it time. 

Summer term starts the 25th of this month and I'm looking forward to a mathematics free term.