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My dear friend Amanda is in India right now, along with her husband and daughter. I find myself wildly jealous and equally excited for her each time I read her blog or receive an email. But I'm also reminded that, no matter the exotice location we're in, things tend to return to some semblance of normality after the "newness" has worn off. 

To quote one of my favorite movies, "New people (and things) are only new for a day, and after that they're just people."  There is some variance on this, and each place we go, be it a new city or country, is   different, but I feel that this quote has more truth than some of us might want to believe. Is wanting to travel, see and experience new things a bad thing? NO! But always thinking that the next new thing or place is going to make us happy isn't true. Oh, it may for awhile, but then it'll simply become the hunt for the next thing  that is sure to fulfill our happiness.

My faith fills that void. It doesn't make me less eager to see the world, or experience new things, but it does allow me the knowledge that happiness is a state of (in my case) faith, but also a state of mind, a choice to be happy. Happiness is a verb as well as anything else it may be. Sometimes circumstances suck, but usually one can find joy and happiness amongst the "suckage" that has filled their life, and take count of all the good still present, even amongst the bad.  

I'm not saying this is easy, or that you'll always be successful at it (I speak from experience), but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Failure is just finding out new ways not to do things. So (as I have to remind myself often) don't not try, because that's still trying nothing.

Longing for more Fall,

S.M. Baker