Evolution and The Living God

It's odd to think that God loved me, he died for me. I heard a girl the other day say she "didn't need fixing" when referring to Christs sacrifice on the cross. It struck me because of how untrue it was. We all need "fixing," or rather saving. If we didn't there would be no death, destruction, sorrow, pain and heartbreak.  

Maybe for me the reality of being unable to "fix" or "get myself together" has made me more aware than some of the reality and magnitude of my need. I am broken, I cannot fix or cure myself in a physical sense, nor can I or any other human do so in a spiritual sense.  

The only person who can save or "fix" me is Jesus, and his blood on the cross. I can fight, wiggle scream and be angry all I like; that does nothing to change the truth. Personally I'm grateful I'm unable to save myself, because I can picture the mess my idea of saving myself would be. 

Scientists say we were an accident, others say God is in everything like some empty spirit that we can commune with through the very earth we're stripping and bleeding dry. I have to laugh at both.  

As my usual anthologies go, think of a child. Darwinism would say that the love you feel for that little life (even when you want to strangle them as a teenager) is a construct of nature to produce offspring and insure species survival. If that's true than why care for a child beyond their age of majority? If we follow the evidence then it becomes even more plain how odd human care is. Animals abandon the weak, kill them off before they can slow down the pack. They don't care for right or wrong, for fair or unfair. They simply want to survive, to  live past the next sunrise. 

I'm not saying that as humans we all care the same or are as kind as the person standing next to us, but the very fact that we're so different, so able to think, enjoy, live and make our own decisions based on things like morality should disagree with the idea of evolution.  

If evolution were truly real there would be no need for things like that, the only need we would have would be to mate and insure species survival.  

Also, if you do see such behaviors in groups of animals like chimps and gorillas caring for one another, from an evolutionary standpoint what is the point? Why would we evolve in such a way if it had little credence on our continued survival?

If all humans have (at best) is a hundred or so years, whereupon there will be nothing (or as some would argue a place one ascends based on ones own goodness, which shouldn't be possible if, as evolution states, we're just an accident) or just some large pool of people's thoughts and lives throughout the years, decades, the entire existence of the human consciousness then what's the point? Why should we care what goes on here at all?

People rarely like to contemplate death. We do everything we can to avoid it, to live thinking we'll last forever. I'm not saying we believe that, but that our lives are often constructed as if we will. 

So what's the point of caring what goes on while we're here? Why should any of this matter to us as long as some survive to continue on another day? 

A living, breathing, everlasting omnipotent God is the only answer that makes any sense. One that created us for a purpose, for a reason beyond accident and survival.  

I would argue that science of the nature that doesn't consider or is unbelieving of a creator takes more faith than believing we are created beings.  

Does faith in God bring all the answers? No. 

Does faith in science fill the need for all answers? No.  

We, every last human who is, was or ever will be needs saving.  

God loves us too much, and knows us too well to leave us to our own devices.  

What you do with that help, the saving is entirely up to you.  

Don't waste eternity arguing over years that are nothing but dust in the wind by comparison.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, so whosoever should believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
— John 3:16 KJV

S.M. Baker