Habits - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

So for those of you out there that have your lives even marginally more figured out than I do, ignore whats below.  

Have you ever felt that suffocating panic that comes with the realization that you're still struggling with habits that you created in High School?  

Well, hello friend, welcome to bad habits anonymous. Some of you don't have that worry because the habits that still remain from the days of teen-dome are the good ones, the kinds that are worth being proud of. For some of us (and by that I mean me) there isn't such a feeling. I was, for lack of better words, an emotional Banshee when I trudged and moaned my way through High School. Some things (thank heavens) have improved, but others still itch and tear their way across my skin, making me feel more like a petulant sixteen year old rather than an adult, just turned Twenty-four. 

I read somewhere (don't quote me on this) that it takes three times as long to change, or disseminate, bad habits as it does to makes new ones. I  admit feeling the urge to wail when I read that. What about the habits that have been used and gone back to for years?  

In that moment I was equally parts panicked and thankful for my faith. Grace, after all, is a heady thing to take comfort in, especially the unending kind.  

If you don't have faith, then it become more complicated and hair yanking to deal with such things, but I wish you all the luck in the world while I gladly sit in my beliefs corner.  

What are some practical applications to changing habits? (Speaking from the woman who is still struggling to apply them to her life) 

1.) If it can be done in five to ten minutes, don't wait, do it now

2.) Remember that at first, it will feel like giant weights are attached  to your feet every time you go and do the good habit your trying to make habitual, or stop it being a bad habit. 

3.)  Habits take moments to take hold in comparison to getting rid of them, which oppositely can take a lifetime. 

4.)  Consistency and Self Control are the tools that will win the battles, if not the war. 

Rule number one has been a lifesaver for me. I didn't realize just how much I dragged my feet before doing things until I began to apply this to my life. I don't know about anyone else, but I have an endless list of things I need and or want to do, and term begins in about two weeks! 

Oh, remind me (or I'll remind myself) to show you my latest crochet project! Its a Back to the Highland's Wrap.  It's coming together quickly, especially considering my tendency to twist it around when I join a row with a slip stitch.

 Also, the  editing for Astéri Calling is done, and all thats left now (on my and my editing teams part) is imputing the changes into the computer and sending it off to my very talented brother, who has graciously offered to format it for me. 

I wish you all well in your efforts to change habits and create new ones in their place.

Looking Forward to Fall,

S.M. Baker