Death & Life




Sometimes I think the dead speak more than the living.  

Oh, the living say  more, but the dead leave the words that they had yet to say, echoing in your mind for an eternity. My faith makes death easier to deal with than some, but the ache of loss, the unspoken words left behind are still there, still holding me in their grasp. 

A few weeks ago my Uncle died. When I heard her news I remember feeling nothing, just blank dark space that floated around me like a wraith and hung my head in clouds. To me, that is what death is, blank space where life once prevailed 

Death and life, an eternal battle for mortals that we will all eventually loose. My faith gives me assurance and hope for what's next, but death will still spirit me way when my time here is done.  

That's why now more than ever I am determined to live my life and take ahold of every breath I have left. After all one cannot live without dying, and as much as death is the end, it's also the beginning. So take hold of it and move forward into life.  After all, one cannot live without a foot in deaths door.