Summer Months and Buying an RV

So, with the upcoming release of Astéri Calling many of you (unless I happen to be writing to myself) may wonder whats next on the agenda for me, other than the sequel of course!  

I'm Buying an RV, Lord willing, and will be traveling across the country in it with Jonah, my insane terrier, and maybe Yuki, though that might be a trial... I've been thinking about this, and researching this for awhile, so its not something that I've just up and decided to do on a whim, however, I really want to travel, and see the roots of the country I've been born to. Alaska is definitely on the to-do list, along with an immutable list of states and cities that I believe are a must see. 

I wont be on the road full time (as much as I might like to be) because I've got classes to attended and  things to do where I'm currently stationed, but full time travel is a goal, the eventual kind, and one that I'm looking forward to achieving very much. 

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let me tell you whats been going on in my life the past month. 

Writing has been a challenge, and I'm finally in the full throttle part of editing, though I'm finding that it takes just as much, if not more, courage to edit as it does to write the first draft. I'm enjoying some parts, but the cutting and slimming process can be painful and best and agonizing at worst. Despite the pain, I can't manage to not write, so I'm taking that as a sign that this, writing, is in my blood and its what I'm supposed to be doing, no matter the discouragement or bad reviews I get. That is not to say that I no longer have something to learn, heaven forbid that day, if it ever comes. 

I've been alone a lot lately, partly due to my own choice and busy life, and the other a mix of abandonment issues and feeling like a stranger whenever I try to do otherwise. This excluded a few who have stuck by me, but it is still harsh to face the reality of being alone. Maybe my thoughts aren't healthy, but it seems every time I begin to think otherwise something happens that makes it painfully clear how disposable or forgettable I am to the people around me. 

I do not say this for pity, or to blame everyone but myself, or even out of anger. I do it because I want to be honest with others, and with myself, because things cannot get better if I don't admit to the wound. 

Regardless, I'm excited for the summer as it has arrived, and for what it to come in July!!! Hope everyone is doing well, and if you have any ideas about places and things I should visit and see let me know.


S.M. Baker