Road Trips & Desert Land

As I sat in the car moving forward, drawn in by an ever winding road my senses began to tingle and my heart came alive.  

I was going away. Where? I scarcely knew. With only a vague longing and picture in my mind I foraged ahead, ready for the road and the image in my head to swallow me whole.

Driving forward I soon found myself leaving behind the wet lush forest and found myself amongst dark, ruddy red sand, thin trees and life encasing me from every side, the sky an open expression of its created love. I had landed in an alien alien land, and had never felt so alive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As I hiked along the edges of the lapping lake my skin was slowly warmed by the red dust and the beating sun. I went on for miles, the rocky Terran and warmed earth softening each blow my footstep imprinted, each step imprinting a piece of myself,  like writing my name across the desert land.


Soon, all too soon,  I returned to the car, then to the lush, wet forest I call home. Stepping back into the forest and the valley I reveled in the thin layer of sand that coated everywhere from my fingers to my toes. Despite the fact that I had returned, I couldn't help the feeling that I was alien to the place that I called home, longing to return where I was written in the sand.  


S.M. Baker