Finals & Frappè's


Along with being a writer, I am a student as well, and what most-if not every-student knows is that this week is finals week; or as I like to call it the week of the risen dead. My last final was signed, stamped, delivered and taken. 

So What am I doing with my much needed break? 

I'm taking a trip for three days, and then I'm spending the rest writing on Astèri Calling. For some, that may seem like a crazy thing to do, spending my break doing work. Writing for me however, will never be just work. Sometimes it is, when I'm sick, or life seems to be to much to bare, or even just when the housework is piling up and I've still yet to make shopping lists, or meal plans for the week. But writing is like breathing, and I could never imagine life without it. So, while it may seem mildly, to insanely crazy for a lot of you out there, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So what are you spending you're spring break(and beyond) doing? 

I for one wouldn't turn down a jaunt to Hawaii, but maybe your like me and prefer the cold, or mildly temperate weather. Not to say I don't  enjoy a good laze on the beach....

Wish me luck on my trip, and remember to keep checking back for thoughts, updates and a slice of the uncommon life.....


Hugs, Kisses & Typewritten Words,

S.M. Baker