Countdown to Camp Has Begun!!!

MARCH 12, 2015
For those of you that live under a rock. Yes, I'm taking about you, camp is upon us in April. No, I"m not talking about the camps that we all went to at least once on a school trip each year and ate marshmallows and mass prepped food  in a dusty auditorium several times each day between tie dying tee-shirts and learning the best ways to ward off bears. 

I'm Talking about writer camp. Yes, theres a camp for that. And whats more, at writers camp there will be no cramped cabins or fighting for shower space. We get to do this from home, with our own little online cabin community and the same features that made you love National Novel Writing Month. 

Yes, isn't it exciting!!! It's like a Christmas present in April, and just as crazy as a snowstorm in July.  Camp is free for anyone to join, and there are a lot of great opportunities so sign up and join the madhouse this year. You know you want to...

Hugs, Kisses and Typewritten Words,