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Cienna, a woman, a girl; a warlord’s tool.

Seventy-Five years ago, the world tore itself apart. What is left of humanity survives by greed, destruction, and power.

South Dakota, once a part of the United States, is now ruled by Warlords. Xiao-Chin, a cunning, power-hungry Lord is desperate to gain more power. The only one left standing in his way is The Nation. The gathered remains of the Native Americans that have thrived amidst the new world.

Desperate to be free, Cienna will set in motion events that will tear apart all she’s ever known and reveal the hidden truth of her past. She must learn to rely on more than just herself, and grapple with the demons haunting her day and night. If she doesn’t, they may destroy her.

With talking wolves, wandering tribes, and power-hungry concubines Cienna has a long journey ahead